Faderport 8 patched for Cubase | Plugins, visibility, link

Hello Cubasers and Presonas,

We made a patch for Presonus Faderport 8, as some of you might know it does not work 100% out of the box with Cubase, which is a bit frustrating after the first minutes messing with the faders!

We’ve managed to implement many functions, including:

  • Open main windows (Mixer, Editors, Transport, Ctrl Room)
  • Metronome on/off
  • Full, awesome, plugin control
  • Track expand (visibility options)
  • Quick Link and selection of multiple tracks - ADDON!
  • Fixed many shortcuts, like save, undo, redo, etc…

Plugin control allows for complete layout editing, so you can choose how the params will appear on the Faderport 8, and we added button shortcuts to open the GUI of each plugin that is inserted in the selected track, from 1-8, both in the MixConsole or Project Window!

It’s working really good, and we loved the hardware once it’s fixed! We’re finishing up the package and will release it here for the community soon
Check out the initial video, if you want, skip the setup and from minute 12 on I show some of the application examples:

We’ll be making some style video on the functionalities as time goes by!

Happy Cubasin’ 4 all!

Cheers :mrgreen:

Here´s the link to the ZIP files:


If you want to check the HTMLFO file first, visit: http://www.2600hz.com.br/fp8-cubase/2k6_music_technology.htmlfo.html

Any comments or issues, please let us know :wink:

New video showing a full mix showing the Faderport 8 in Cubase PRO 9:

Song: Counting Crows - Mr. Jones (live recording)


Audio files obtained from Telefunken´s website in partnership with Sweetwater: www.telefunken-elektroakustik.com/download/sweetwater/

Hi There
Thanks for doing this !
I’ve been testing this for a couple of days now and is working very well except a few mappings which don’t work

  • When I open any of my current projects (audio, VI, Bus, VCA, All) Mappings dont work
    -They only work with one of your projects from the zip file , however VCA is not mapped corectlly as when i press it i can see FX channels etc
    Is there is any way that i can edit those mappings in my own way ? if so how ?

Big Up for a great work !

Hey Vaptorx, thanks for your feedback

In order for the visibility switches to work, you have to do one of these two things:

  • Set up your own visibility settings in the MixConsole
  • Make the empty included project a template, by opening it and choosing File -> Save as template… in this case, instead of using the regular empty cubase template you will begin using our FP8 empty template for your new projects

The VCA´s are on SHIFT+VCA button, because I consider FX channels more important… the VCA´s are just a shift away :wink: If you change the order of the visibility presets we made, you can adapt to any layout you want

Stay tuned for the coming update… will post here, but you can drop a line to suporte@2600hz.com.br if you want to be notified by email when v2 comes out :wink:

Hi dont mean to hijack the thread just curious as to if its at all possible to have the multiple select channels with the scroll whell as showcased in your video with other controllers…basically with the artist transport that im using. Great work by the way im seriously thinking of getting the faderport now:)

Anything like this on osx?

edit: watched the youtube and in comments you answered it. Just wow! Doing the gods work mister! I’m willing to give my FP8 another try.

Just to make sure, the Faderport needs to be in MCU mode, right?

yep it shoud

Can this procedure help me with my Faderport (single fader) also? I would like to use the fader as different (changeable) MIDI CCs.
Regards :slight_smile:

are any of the instructions in english? I tried to follow but I couldn’t.

Hi guys, to help new FP8 users, I’d like to say that very quickly after we did the patch, PreSonus made a new firmware and added a “Cubase mode” to the FP8. From then on, there was no need anymore for the patch we made.

You can disregard the patch with the newest firmwares of the FP8, and it is not available for download anymore.

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