Faderport blacklisted - why?

Sorry about multiple posts that one time, the forum seemed to be malfunctioning that day but it might have been me…I’m visually impaired. Yes, notifications are working! To get over the metronome problem I’ve simply abandoned it and now use Stylus as a click, much better and problem solved.
More serious is Steinberg blacklisting any Presonus faderport I install. The only way to make faderport work that I’ve found is to use the latest Presonus install package but Cubase loses it each time I close so I have to reset faderport each time I open the programme…
Could you please just take faderport off the blacklist or whatever?


I have a feeling I answered this question few days ago.

As far as I know, this is not a plug-in and shouldn’t be in the plug-in folder. This is a Remote Device and should be installed in that folder.

Thanks Martin
Actually I’m no longer using faderport as a plugin although it used to work fine in VstPlugins folder. The latest Presonus installer installs faderport_cubase.dll into Shared Components by default. This is wrong and does not show up in the list of devices so faderport_cubase.dll has to be moved manually to Components inside the cubase 9.5 directory. It then becomes available in the list but, as explained, cubase “forgets” faderport each time it’s started so I have to keep loading it.
I have searched my C drive for Remote Devices folder but no such folder exists although there is a Remote devices square in the left hand column but no physical folder exists that I can find.