Faderport touch channel choice in C7

I have reviewed other topics about the Faderport but didn’t see this. I finally upgraded my iMac to Mountain Lion and Cubase 7 (most recent versions). Faderport still works perfectly in C6.0.7. I made sure that Faderport firmware and driver are up to date, copied the faderport.bundle to C7 components folder, selected Presonus Faderport in C7 devices (native, C7 running in 32-bit), and activated. All functions seem to work except that when using arrow buttons to scroll channels or using mouse to select a channel, touching the physical fader always selects only the first channel (1) on the mixer, no matter which channel was highlighted. Even after selecting Output button for Stereo Out channel on C7 mixer…didn’t see this in other topics…anybody heard of this or have a clue what this might be? :open_mouth:

So I guess that’s not a common issue… :confused:

I presume you’ve checked “enable auto select” in the Faderport device setup?

Thanks, yes indeed.

Well, such a popular topic, eh? Turns out, I guess it was something only I could come up with :laughing: .

After deleting and reinstalling the faderport bundle into Steinberg components, I realized I had activated the faderport also in the Mackie HUI remote device page in C7 when I was first trying to get this going…“disconnected” and the Faderport is up and running like a champ!

Hopefully this helps if someone else makes a similar goof :unamused: .