Faders in trim modus

This is something I have in my mind since years, just never posted it so far:

I like the idea very much that in trim-modus the faders jump to a mid-position. This totally makes sense imo.

But I whish that this affects all faders, not just on the faders where some automation has been written before. It is weired and irritating when sitting in front of the mixer, or a controller-surface, when some faders are at 0db, some at mid-position, but having the same “status”.

How do you guys feel about this?

Yeah, it is a bit weird, and I know at least Pro Tools doesn’t do it.

My hunch is that some designer or programmer figured “well, if there’s no previously written value there’s no automation to trim” and then decided to have it just be touch/latch instead for the first pass. It definitely makes much more sense to simply write an automation value offset based on whatever the current value happens to be even if it hasn’t been written as automation yet.

So yeah, I agree with you.