Fading and Cross Fade controls for MIDI and Instrument tracks

Are there options to add fades and cross fades to MIDI and instrument tracks in Cubase 9? I cannot find them.

Midi is just data so you cant crossfade.

You cant crossfade the output of an instrument track because the output could change depending on the midi changing, or a different round robin sample being triggered etc. If you want to crossfade - either use automation or render to audio track and then crossfade.

Thanks, unfortunately that was what I thought in testing with MIDI, instrument, and audio tracks. Time to look into automation and/or render to audio tracks. I love Cubase and in first few days working with the DAW can see the major advantages of using it over Ableton Live. I had considered other DAW like Pro Tools, Reason, Bitwig, and Presonus Studio One but settled on Cubase.