Fading From One Arranger Pattern to the Next in Arranger?

Is it possible to fade between Arranger patterns in the Arranger chain / Arranger track? Of course everything works with hard jumps in the Arranger chain as described in the documentation, however I have a very specific need to use Arranger with a pre-fades or fades into the next pattern about to be called. I need to be able to dynamically call patterns like it currently does with the exception of fading into and out of the next patterns on deck.

Thanks for your time and patience :slight_smile:

  • milkshoes

wow, I’m guessing that either no one knows the answer,fading from one arranger pattern to the next isn’t supported in Cubase yet or maybe no one has the need for this fading functionality?

No, like you said yourself, it just “jumps around” on the timeline.
But why can’t you just put the fades on the master outputs at their real positions, so that the Arranger will play them? (you weren’t hoping to actually crossfade between Arranger Parts, were you? I’m afraid that no overlapping is possible.)

yep dynamic real-time overlapping was what I was talking about, not static singleton fades.

Vic, that’s what I was gonna say. :laughing:

A possible workaround would be to create overlapping shared copies of the sections you need faded, and some automation and create additional arranger events for them. I doubt that really suits your purpose though…

The Arranger Track in Cubase is not fully fleshed out compared to what other programs do, there is a feature request thread regarding the Arranger track I think. Please add to it… It’s in the Music Lounge I imagine.

hey thanks for your responses guys. I’ll see if it has already been requested and take it from there.