Fail after upgrading to new interface

Hi, recently I’ve upgraded my gear from UR 22 (worked fine) to the one with Neves transformers UR RT2. Since then, on the new one instruments/line in doesn’t work at all (tried adding inputs etc) I use Windows 10 and Cubase Elements 10.5. Watched videos on how to set new interface, but the result is frustrating. I don’t think that unit itself has some issues, I think it’s about software.

Is there any way/best way to set it up properly?

The correct way is the best way.

There’s not a lot of information here.
If it’s new, send it back and run a mile. These USB units should be easy enough to install.
Swap the old back to make sure nothing has changed within Cubase, if it’s OK try the new unit and install the drivers again.
If it’s no good send it back, you only have so long to get your money back

I am presuming that you deleted/uninstalled the previous drivers before installing the new ones?