Fail of the Day (user error)

I meant to transpose to Ab major. Instead, this happened:

Good luck with that!


What key were you transposing from?
(Sorry to say, I suspect this is user error.)

A major to A flat major - and I already admitted it was my mistake. I just thought it looked cool :slight_smile:

You may already have discovered this, but to transpose from A to Ab one needs to transpose down by an augmented unison rather than a minor second.

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The picture above was my crashing entrance into that world.

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When using the transposition tool, please try and use the little calculator on the right of the tool. We all know how to transpose, but we humans perform operations without being conscious of it… And the machine needs a very specific set of instructions :wink:

LOL I love the double sharp in the key sig. Amazing.

Yeah not sure I have ever seen a double sharp in a key signature, very cool.

I see a future for avant-garde key signatures all spelled with double sharps and flats!!

I’ve imagined this key signature a few times when transposing an accompaniment for a singer. Following a “rule of 7” a piece in 3 sharps played in 4 flats is down a semitone, a piece in 1 flat played in 6 sharps is up a semitone, and a piece in 1 sharp played in 8 sharps (as here, with 1 sharp counting as -1 when transposing up) is also up a semitone. Dealing with altering any accidentals in this situation can be a bit mind blowing!

In Chopin’s E minor Concerto, the middle movement is in E major, and in the middle of that he modulates to what is clearly G♯ major, and stays there for 21 bars without changing enharmonically. (But the key signature itself stays 4♯.)

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