Failed process (Direct offline processing) & Drag and Drop problem

Hello Steinberg Forum,

I got a new issue in Cubase 10. When I pitchbend a rebounced audio file (rebounced within the project) it says ‘processing failed’ whenever I try to pitch shift.

Another issue I got is with drag and dropping audio files into the project. Somehow the feature drag and drop within two existing audio files is gone. What it would do in Cubase 9.5 is create a new channel with that green line. However it works when I do it in the audio tracks window. But you could do it in the project window before which dropped it right at the mouse placement.
This might be caused by running my Cubase 10 in Windows 8 compatibility mode. (Because it would crash with Antares plugins otherwise)

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The drag and do feature was removed because several users did like it and were complaining a lot.

Ah, makes sense now… whatever we like gets removed - just like real life=)

+1 I am also experiencing this same error when trying to pitch shift segments of quantized audio. I did not experience this issue in 9.5. Would love a fix on this.

I am so fed up with them removing what we like…this company really knows how to pizz off their base…wow

The drag and drop was so welcomed…


Could you try this in Cubase, please? I can’t reproduce it here on my system.

Could you please write step-by-ste repro?

I tried this:

  • Add a file.
  • Bonce Selection > Replace
  • Direct Offline Process > Pitch Shift
    => Works
  • Bonce Selection > Replace
  • Direct Offline Process > Pitch Shift
    => Works

I haven’t come across this issue anymore, happened on one project. I guess the new Cubase update has fixed it. What a bummer that the drag and drop feature has been removed. Now I have to set my marker on the right position everytime when I want to drop a new audio file in.

Isn’t the file placed at the cursor position? So if you would place the cursor to the wanted position first, you don’t need the marker.

The thing is that you have to place it in between of the tracks at the left side of Cubase. That will automatically place it at your track marker instead of just dragging the audio file somewhere in the middle of your project window.


Sorry, I’m not with Cubase right now and I cannot test it, how does it really work.

What do you mean by “track marker”? Do you complain, where the audio file is placed in time? Do you complain you have to set the Playhead Cursor position first before you insert the Audio event? Or am I missing something?