Failed to activated Cubase AI 12

I have bought an interface Steinberg UR22C, goes with Cubase AI.

I had followed the instruction guide finish all installation for TOOLS.

I then downloaded the Cubase AI 12 in Download Assistant. (But it then shown Cubase LE AL Elements 12). As under no other choice, I downloaded and installed it anyway.

After installation done, I clicked to launch the Cubase LE, it said, “Valid License not found, the procedure will be quitted” (I just used my own wordings because the my original version is in Chinese). But I had already submitted all corrected access codes.
I was suggested to deleted them all and do it all over again. I then did, but the result was same.

My questions are:

  1. Why I cannot find the AI 12 version (but only found AI LE Elements 12)? Are they the same thing?
  2. Why I registered all with corrected codes, but it said, “Valid License not found”
  3. What can I do now?

P.S. I used “Windows 10 - Home version”

Thank you very much!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Might me, the provided Download Access Code is older, so it’s Cubase AI 11. Try to enter the code in your MySteinberg account. If you get Activation Code (starting 0240), this is Cubase AI 11. Then start eLicense Control Center and Enter the Activation Code, please. Once you do this, your license is going to be updated to Cubase AI 12 automatically.

But, the products under ‘my products download’ in download assistant, there is only Cubase AI 12, but no other versions.


You don’t have to download Cubase AI 11. Just activate it (if this is the case).

You meant, activate Cubase LE AI Elements 12?
I did tried, but it said I have no licenser to activate.

Or, you meant, activate AI 11? But I didn’t install AI 11.

Or, what item did you mean I am to activate?
Sorry for my questions, since I am a newbie and just have very limited technology knowledge.


Cubase 12 is not using eLCC, Cubase 11 (and older) were using it.

Did you get an Activation Code in your MySteinberg account?

*** Problem Solved!!!
Thank you all very much!!! :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: :hugs: :100:

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