Failed to export long video, and nuendo crashed

Failed to export long video, and nuendo crashed

Do you export/rerender the exact length of tge original video or do you edit the video on your timeline and try to export the new edit?

There are 4 videos in the video track, and one of them has been length-edited.
With that said, it seems that when exporting to the edited video, nuendo crashed. But I am not sure.
At that time, I was eager to deliver the work, so I exported the video with reaper, and nuendo was only responsible for exporting the audio.

@Nonana , I see, are all videos on your timeline have the same dimensions?
I know Nuendo has issues with mixed videos specs or some non FHD videos.

I would try to narrow the issue down by selecting only the edited range and trying to export it. If it still fails, I would then try only the range where there is no edits, maybe with just one or two videos. This method should help you narrow down what triggers the problem.

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thanks for your advice! I will try again next time.
The sizes of my four videos are not the same, they just have the same frame rate. Maybe I should convert them to the same size next time .

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You definitely should!

Nuendo deals poorly with non-FHD (1080p) videos.
Plus, it works best (in my experience) with ProRes videos.
DNxHD also works very good, but for that you need to buy an extra Avid license from Steinberg.

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