Failed Upgrade from Cubase Elements 10.5 to Elements 11

I have paid £25 to upgrade from Cubase Elements 10.5 to 11 and somehow the license for Cubase 10.5 has disappeared and I am not able to upgrade. I would like to know why this might have happened and if there is anything I can do to fix it and if there is nothing that can be done I will want to get a refund.

Every single time I try to activate the new license the elicenser tells me there is no license to upgrade, you can imagine my frustration because Cubase 10.5 is installed, I can use it and when I upgraded before from Cubase 7 to 10.5 it was quite straight forward, not perfect, but I got it running and the license for my previous versions did not disappear inexplicably.

Hi and welcome,

We cannot solve the licenses issues here on the user forum. Please get in contact with your local Steinberg distributor/support or the official Steinberg support.

If you didn’t register the Soft-eLicenser Number in your MySteinberg, it might disappear. Then the technical support has to find your Soft-eLicenser Number and add it to your MySteinberg account.