Faking a tie

I want to tie from a Voice 3 note to a Voice 2 note in the next measure (which doesn’t have voice 3 at all). I can’t fake it with a slur because there’s no voice 3 note to slur to. Suggestions?

You don’t need to fake it. Select both notes to be tied and press T.

BTW you can also create slurs between different voices, and even between notes on different staves.

You should be able to select the two notes by clicking and Ctrl-clicking, then press T to tie them, I think.

Here are two ties between notes in different voices.

Select the leftmost note you wish to tie.
CTRL-click the note (in the other voice) you wish to tie to.
Press the T (Tie) key.

Three of you giving the right answer within three minutes of each other. Great work, guys! Now if I can just train you up to answer all of the other questions, I might be able to get to bed a bit earlier… :^)

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Believe me, I wish I knew enough about the program to answer all the other questions; it would make my own use of the program more efficient in addition to helping you and the other team members giving so generously of their time on this forum.

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Related question (I hope). I’m transitioning from a written-out piano section to one in which just the chord symbols will be written over top of rhythmic notation (e.g. diamond note-heads). So how can I apply a “fake tie” from four notes to one diamond note-head? IOW a tie that just goes across the bar line but not to other notes?
Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 8.36.17 PM
Incidentally, CTRL-clicking a note just brings up the Edit menu (same as RIGHT-clicking) for me.

Select the top note of the chord (click the chord, then down arrow) then T to create the tie?

If the diamond notehead is important, just use a slur.

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L.v. ties perhaps?

I’m not sure if I understood you well. Do you want one tie, or four ties? If you want a (true) tie only on the top note and preserve the diamond shape that follows, there’s a nice trick someone on the forum shared some time ago that does it:

  1. select the chord and shorten its duration (e.g. to eigth note)
  2. select the top note and add a tie (over the newly created rest) pressing T
  3. change again the duration to the original quarter note

This works at least on 4.2. As this is probably a non official trick (taking advantage of a “benign” bug?), one hopes that a future version doesn’t break it. (Anyway, for me what’s wrong is Dorico resetting that chosen diamond shape…)
If you want four ties, I guess you could repeat the whole chord after the double barline, put the top not in diamond, set the other three with a headless “shape” (another user shared here a headless Notehead Set; you can search for it), and apply the same method above.