False commands from the keyboard

First of all: I do apologise for my poor English (I’m from Belgium).
I have a serious problem concerning Cubase Elements version 9.5.3 for Windows.
A year ago, I bought Cubase Elements version 9.5.0, and a few months later updated it to 9.5.3. Everything worked fine, and I was very pleased with the possibilities of this program.
Last week my laptop crashed, and I lost all of my data. A computerfirm solved the problem and reinstalled the basic programs (Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit). I reinstalled Cubase Elements 9.5.3, got a new License code from Steinberg, and everything worked just fine. For a few moments, then the problems began.
My keyboard, a vintage Roland JX 10 synthesizer gives false commands to Cubase. When I press the E and F key of the first octave, the keyboard activates the mute of the chosen sound. When I press again, the mute is off.
When I press the E and F key of the third octave, the volume buttons in the edit mode of the chosen sound goes down. No more sound, until I slide the buttons up with the cursor. Conclusion: It’s impossible to make music that way! My other synthesizers are modules, so I have only one (magnificent!) keyboard.
To quote a song from The Beatles: Won’t you please, please help me?
Thank you very much!

In device menu go to to remote devices and delete them or highlight and then deselect your keyboard as midi input/output in.


Thank you very much! The problem is solved. Now I can go further with my compositions. :slight_smile: