False faulty and taken hard earned money

so ive read a lot from the disgruntled customer, also programmers coders etc etc, nevertheless, if you bought a vehicle aware the brakes may not work or engine stalls or window wouldnt do up, then upgrade the same model year after year then be ignored when trying to communicate, is it a good buisness plan going forward, shouldnt you have a clear message on your opening page saying, hey this is cubase it may or may not work for you try it on your sustem with all your favourite toys then we will give you all your money back without question, or its false advertising, i buy on faith as im too busy to think will it work each time i open the damn thing, i felt like an artist now im just pissing in the mist each day, steinberg get on it ffs, listen to what im saying not all of us think computer bridges we just hear the music and need to press a button and work, its going backwards on both machines here, xln ad2 is crashing it wont load, submission audio flatliner, win 10 64 pro

I think you are describing a trial version…?

If you just want to press a button and record, I recommend a Tascam Portastudio (or something similar). No plugins, no crashes. Just works.

Clearly you’ve never had a tape eaten by a recorder…

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Actually, I don’t think I did. Maybe I just was lucky…
There are digital Portastudios/stand-alone recorders, of course, too. Don’t have the “mojo”, of course :wink:

Yeah - the portable 4-track machine! I still want to take my old Yamaha unit out to try some tape compression again for fun!

I still have my Porta07, too (cheapest Portastudio back then, the only one I could afford). New tapes are rather expensive, though. At least that is my excuse for not using it anymore :wink:

was there 30 year back, thinking about it

are trial version hundreds of pounds then, thats what i paid see fella

the most damned annoyance each day after i export a bounce to check the mp3 quality the bloody program quits, thanks g ive the marbles to save before i export ffs steinberg what is going on, sick of it honestly its crap now