Fan noise

I´ve been using Logic Pro X for a long time now. Didn´t like using that dongle that took up the USB port and in the laptop it was always in the risk of being broken physicly. Anyway, thought I´d return to that DAW I´ve always liked in some ways. Suddenly I had to move my computer because the fan started sounding like never before. I´ve never had any problems with audible sounds from the computer before. Just a small Nuendo project made voice recording impossible so I guess performance difference is huge. And that software costs many times more than Logic Pro X.

computer specs???

Uhm, the thread was started 19 months ago, with the last post in March 2016. Then someone thinks his or her first post should be to drag up an old thread and effectively promote Logic Pro X.

I can’t be the only one who thinks this smells a bit funny…

True enough… we already know that logic… had issues with multi core back in the day… honestly had very little issues with nuendo on my hackintosh… vs running native windows. had a persistant audio glitch i never could track down. and each FORCED update from MS brought it back. i would get audio drops for no reason. … i had to disable multi-processing and raise the samples levels but then it was rock solid. so go figure… i put it down to MS drivers… which kept overridding my choices on each update.

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