Fantastic piece of kit

I know that by default a forum will principally be comprised of people seeking solutions to problems incurred whilst using the software but I’d just like to say what a fantastic piece of kit Cubase Elements is and how intuitive and easy to use it is. As a Mac user in the past I’ve principally used Logic Pro as my go to DAW but my experience of Cubase to date simply knocks it out of the water. I’d initially being put of going down the Cubase route because various independent DAW forums had said that it wasn’t the easiest DAW to get to grips with but I would strongly refute this. I’m something of an ‘air head’ with most things technical but just by simply playing around with the programme and reading the excellent online manual has made learning the programme a breeze. Thanks again Steinberg.


Welcome to the club

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Thanks for the positive post. Very much appreciated in the current times.


Yep, Cubase is great for countless little things which at the end makes it both the most complete and easy to use solution, for me. After this, there are things more difficult to grasp but they often come down to the terminology used in a given context (example : VST instrument, event and part…). And contrarily to what we could think, looking at the thread titles list here, in its 11.0.xx incarnation Cubase IS truely stable, if the whole DAW is well enough configured.

And @SF_Green is right : a positive message is rather welcome, these days, even if I am one of the culprits that sometimes express their frustration here, concerning some bugs/quirks that will, of course, never be fixed quickly enough… :grin: So, thanks for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Overall, I’ll keep using Cubase as long as I can : I’m too much used to it. I’ll stop updating and using it only if Steinberg has the bad idea to drop the remaining Cubase compatibilty with the VST 2.4 format… :shushing_face:

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I know there are some here that like to knock on us Mac users but I’m another happy Cubase Mac user after using LP for many, many years yet starting out on Cubase Score 1.0 (still have a copy somewhere). Is it perfect? Nope, but so far the workflow is not causing any slowdowns.

That’s childish. PCs and Mac’s both have their strengths and faults. End of the day, you can make music with both, and isn’t that what counts?

If you have a stable working computer, that is all that matters.