Far fetched idea

I think in reality this could work. I just don’t have the knowledge to make it happen.
Is there a way using midi commands to power on and off an AC powered device? Let’s say I would like a midi command to turn on a light in a room. How could this be achieved? Is there a device that exists that bridges these 2 worlds together? I got the idea using Lemur with my iPad to create custom buttons for commands i use often. Well, how could I have this control an external device, ( lets say a lamp for the sake of argument ) to power it off and on. I have a smart outlet I bought from Amazon. But this uses its own app to power it on and off. I want Cubase to control the lamp.

Any ideas??

Probably a USB to Bluetooth adapter would be your best bet. So many Midi controllers interface by USB and so many devices will respond to Bluetooth.
There are Bluetooth operated AC controllers available.
Then, there’s always Alexa. She’ll turn the lights out for ya! :slight_smile:

There used to be boxes available with relays that can be switched by midi commands. I am not quite sure whether they are discontinued or not. Some might use relays that are to weak for AC Power so this might need some additional eletronic work to be save.

Maybe you find something useable via Google!

Cheers, Ernst

Punchlight Midi

There are a bunch of MIDI to DMX converters out there, never tried any of them.
Something that could be fun to tinker with, I am afraid it will get costly fast.

All done: http://smart-home.ehouse.pro/ehouse-lan/ehouse-lan-smart-home-midi-switch-board/

Exactly what I was thinking! Thank you!