Farewell my CD-R

It looks like the end of the road may be in sight for the beloved CD-R and other optical discs:
Sony Group to cut 250 jobs from recordable media business’ key hub


Hi @MrSoundman,

a very bad move, unforgivable.

Since this might also ruin M-Disc, the only affordable long-term archival media (as DVD and Blu-Ray). It has taken quite some time to establish itself, meanwhile most optical writer devices (by relevant manufacturers, like Pioneer, LG, Asus) feature that second (stronger) laser and understand the writing method.


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wow - the list of formerly important and since discontinued media standards and devices keeps growing.

There’s two ways of looking at it:

  • the bad: a sense of loss of beloved history
  • the good (hopefully): living long enough to experience such a loss of history

I still have a couple of drawers filled with some legacy media - including blank 3.5" floppies and CD-R media.

And a USB attachable floppy disk drive and a USB attachable CD/DVD read/write drive.

Every once in a while these come in handy in the context of vintage musical gear and software. :nerd_face:

But quite a few other formats I had/used for a while have long been purged: Bernoulli disks, Zip disks, laser disks, Betamax, VHS, ADAT tapes, DAT tapes come to mind at the moment, but there were probably others.

Somwhat ironically, the old audiotape-backup method found on some vintage synths like my Juno 60 still works perfectly fine, since it encodes the patch information as audio - and these days you can still perfectly back up to and restore from a WAV file (or other non-lossy audio format) using a modern computer. Might even work with a mobile device, although I’ve never tried it that way.

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The electronics and entertainment conglomerate will also gradually cease production of optical disc storage media products, including Blu-ray discs, according to the sources.

Wait a minute. Does this mean that they are forcing film production companies to STOP producing Blu-ray discs? I hope I’m reading that wrong, because I can’t handle that. I know it sounds corny, but my life kind of depends on having my own physical library of the music, films and series that I love. On streaming services, you have no control over the content, how it is organized, or how long it is even available. No control at all. I could never leave it up to the eternal mess that is Spotify to organize and curate my music, any more than a film streaming service can replace my physical collection. Streaming is NOT a replacement for owning and curating your own media library! You’re right, @Markus_Leuthel – unforgivable is the right word.


As far as I’m concerned, the good old vinyl record should gain more popularity again, without music being streamed. :grinning:

At least here in Norway, vinyl has already had a huge revival movement for the last 10–15 years… Now the CD is gradually making a comeback too, although it is still kind of niche. I never gave up on CDs. I have an equal share of CDs and LPs and love them for different reasons. :cd:

My understanding is that “pressed” optical discs such as commercial CDs and Blu-Rays will continue to be manufactured, this announcement only affects recordable optical media.

Phew, I hope you’re right! Maybe it’s time to stack up a lifetime of CD-R’s then, so that I can still print my own… :sweat_smile: