Fast disable of ALL plugins except VST Instruments

i run into a problem when working on a project with plenty of plugins that pile up the overall latency of my system even in very low buffer settings. It makes it impossible to midi record VST instruments and midi drums because of the high latency.
is there a way to quickly disable of ALL plugins except VST Instruments in Cubase? This would make it possible to play VST instruments via midi without the high latency introduced by the other compromises the sound temporarily, but i can at least play a decent performance into Cubase. then re-activate all the plugins again after the Midi recording is done.

i know that Studio One and Logic offer some fast functionality like that.


Constrain Delay Compensation to the bottom left.

Yes, the use of “constrain delay compensation” will automatically disable all plugins above the threshold set in preferences, momentarily

in the mixer window click ALT+i button at top of screen. this will bypass all audio inserts.

Bypassing the inserts doesn’t stop their processing. There’s still latency.

so you would need to bypass all inserts to reduce average audio processing load and disable pdc to be safe?

No turn them off, that is what, constraint delay compensation does.
Bypass keeps the latency reported by the plugin (no clicks/stutter when you turn on/off bypass to compare)
Remember to set the threshold to something you are comfortable with.

Facing the same issues as kamalski bro. let me try your suggested ways peakae… Will tell you the result. :0