Fast Forward and Rewind on Transport panel

I’m using the trial version of Cubase 10 and considering updating from my old Cubase 6. In 6, the transport panel has a fast forward and rewind button so I can easily move the cursor ahead or back a couple of beats or a couple of bars. I don’t see this in Cubase 10. How can I get these? It’s an important function.

On the Transport Panel just to the right of the Transport Controls you’ll see a small vertical line. Drag that to the right so you can see more of the Transport Control buttons. Also on the far right of the Panel is a gear icon that lets you select what items appear on the Panel.

It is much faster to use the keypad + and - hold down Ctrl to move in bars.

Does anybody know if this function is also in Wavelab?

As far as I know one can setup key commands just as you can in Cubase.

Best Regards, Dave

I know but itz not as easy as in otha programs. There’s no real fast forward or rewind in Wavelab and many bugs in the 9.5 version