Fast Forward/Rewind by fixed amount ?

Is it possible to make the fast forward and rewind controls in the transport panel move the cursor by a fixed amount per click, e.g., by exactly one measure? Or, at least maybe follow the snap setting. I’m very used to being able to position the cursor on exact measure boundaries via the transport (in other DAWs), and just assumed there would be an option to do this in Cubase (but I have not found anything in the docs or online about this). Thanks in advance for any info.

Go to File>Key Commands…

Under ‘Transport’ Find ‘Step Back Bar’ and ‘Step Bar’. Assign a keyboard key of your choice to each and have at it.


OK - thanks for that. I did get key commands to work, but I was still hoping to find a way to do it from the transport w/o needing to have the computer keyboard in front of me. Now maybe there is a way to map my key command sequences for “step” and “step back” to the transport fast-forward and rewind function? I’ll poke around some more. Thanks again.

If you add the jog/shuttle/scroll wheel to the transport, there is a plus (+) and minus (-) control you can click on in the center of the wheels. This shifts the cursor forward or back by the nudge amount. But I don’t see a way to change the nudge value to be measure. It does not look like the nudge value is related to using snap/quantize in the arrange window. Co close, but no cigar yet.

There are plus and minus signs in the transport time display (as opposed to the jog/shuttle control). If you click on them the cursor moves by one bar.

If you turn the scroll wheel with the mouse hovered over the measure number in the transport time display the cursor moves in one measure increments.

Thank you for the pointer on + and - signs; I completely missed that. I’ll also try the hover/scroll wheel combination.

WOW! I never knew that! But I do now.

Mahalo Steve.

And thanks to the OP for asking the question.

sooooo, “Step Bar” and “Step Back Bar” have gone missing as of Cubase 8.5!! Jimmy69 checked 8.0 and they’re there, but no bueno in 8.5 (I’m on the latest 8.5.20 Pro). wtf?

for now I usurped “Nudge -1 bar” and “Nudge +1 bar”

– jdm

I find that odd that Cubase would remove a Key Command. Maybe they misplaced it???

It’s the same command with a different name, that’s all. If you had key commands assigned it even kept on working right through the updates.

On the other hand the plus and minus signs are gone.

this was surprisingly hard to find in any sub forum here! Holds true for Cubase 10.5 as well. The previous name seemed to make more sense as this new label (nudge ± 1 bar) suggests that it will only move selected events perhaps. But it is for the cursor. Thankfully!

Well it is in the Transport section of the Key Commands… :wink: