Fast forward/rewind wont stop in cubase 12

Hello, my only problem is a random short stop playback in play mode. The performance meter does not seems to signal this behaviour…in Cubase 11 same project play correctly and fluently…

I’m finding that if the project is not playing I can FF or RW and just hit play when it gets to the point I want. But if the song is playing and I FF or RW I then have to hit stop and then play, which may sound trivial, but it’s rather horrible. If I remember rightly in Cubase 11, when in play mode you had to hold onto the FF or RW button and let go at the point you wanted, and play would resume from that point. Is it intentional to change this, or just a bug?

Same here. On the keyboards its ok. Mouse problem

The same problem. And I don’t want to have a midi remote. Only use trackerball and ordinary keyboard. So if this is just a “mouse” problem, I really want it fixed ASAP. Quite unusable at the moment, for me.

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Same problem by me. And it is absolutely frustrating :confounded:


Same thing here.
I really hope STEINBERG fixes this soon.

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The transport bar doesn’t contain FF or RW anymore… that is the origin of the problem…the menu commands (and the key commands) still work as expected.

The transport bar does contain FF or RW. They are probably hidden in your Cubase. Please grab the three vertical little dots at the right side of the Record button and enlarge.

Maybe this was misleading… if you click on the available buttons, it behaves like mentioned before.
If you use the key commands from the menu that say “fast-forward” or “fast-rewind” it behaves like we would expect it.

If I hover the mouse pointer over the buttons in the transport section, it says “Erweiterte Transportbefehle anzeigen” and doesn’t mention anything to forward or backward.
I guess these buttons are intended to something different. But just guessing here.

Maybe @Matthias_Quellmann can comment on this, please?

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We can confirm that there is an issue with behaviour of the transport buttons and we are planning for a fix in one of the next maintenance updates.


Thanx for the confirmation…

Yet another reason to hold off on upgrading to C12. How does something as basic as transport controls not get tested before a major release?

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Most excellent! :smiley:

How can Steinberg release a major upgrade with a blatant bug? You don’t have SQA in the company? This is really annoying and makes me wonder about your releases and us having to shell out $100 every 3 to 6 months for these of frustrations?

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Is there at least an workaround for this issue?

if you select the transport controls in the key commands menu it should work

When is the maintenance release with a fix for this is expected? This renders Cubase 12 unusable? How do you let this go with your SQA? I would fire your SQA manager for this. This is lame.

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What? Use your keyboard…
There are many people who didn’t notice the problem at all.

The issue reported; that when you click rewind or FF button, it just doesn’t stop doing that. This makes it unusable. I don’t know about others, but this problem makes 12 unusable for me. And there are many who are seeing this problem also. Just because yours work doesn’t mean anything to me. I got a problem…


Key commands using the keyboard is not an option for me.

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