Fast SSD with Cubase 6 - Can anyone comment?

Hello yet again!
I’ve been working a lot with Cubase lately and my primary hard drive just doesn’t load fast enough, specially when for some reason Cubase crashes and I have to load it again. I store the vst dll’s in that same drive and the samples on a whole other hard drive.

So my question it, does Cubase 6 benefit from using a very fast solid state drive (SSD) when compared to a regular HD?
I have no idea if when loading, Cubase is processing data or just loading the program so I’d like to know about people who have upgraded to SSD and what was the result.

Compatibility problem info is also welcome :smiley:
Thanks you!

I’ve just made the transition from a 10.000 rpm WD raptor to a SSD and must say that everything has been running faster. Not to mention the noise from the harddisk is of course totally gone, which might be worth to consider as well.

But the loading time of Cubase is still “slow” - I think it is both loading stuff (a lot of VSTs fx) and processing/registering channels, midi etc. (But I’m not a developer, so exactly what is going on I don’t now).

So I guess it has a lot to do with your system - external equipment as well as VST(i)s - and maybe even if they are bridged.

So for shortening the loading time of Cubase itself I don’t think there’s is THAT much to gain - but properly a little, but I don’t think it is worth the price tack on a SSD. BUT for an overall faster and more silent performance I would absolutely recommend you to get a SSD asap! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info! :stuck_out_tongue:
yes Cubase is a huge app so I should have expected that, but I will buy an ssd soon :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an SSD as C drive but the difference is rather small overall.

I have 16gig of DDR3 ram, 256gb Samsung SSD HD, intel 3rd Gen i7-3770k CPU 3.50ghz overclocked to 4.40GHz, Windows 7 service Pack 1, 64 Bit Operating System, And a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface running cubase 7 with the latest updates. My PC is fast as Hell, but Cubase crashes on my system all the time and I have no idea why!!! it is doing my head in. I striped the PC down and reloaded Windows 7 and only installed issenssial things and reloaded Cubase 7 but its still crashing… Please can someone help!!!

Maybe try less of an overclock or even no overclock untill you get a stable system!

Should maybe of been a separate topic!!!

Should’ve been a new topic indeed, but this one was dead anyway so it’s fine.
Are you using any third party plugins? If yes, are they native 64-bit?

I had this with my overclock system and contacted the people who set the overclock up.they advised I use it standard like split worked fine so they advised I should raise the voltage I forget to what now?

But that totally sorted it.

Aloha guys,
just to chime in re:SSD stuff.

Mac user here.
Using an SSD my 'puter now boots much faster when I turn it on but
Cubase does not seem to me to open itself or load projects any faster than
conventional 7200 rpm spindle drives.

I use to have a Mac Pro (tower) with 3 separate 7200 rpm drives.
1 for the Cubase app, 1 for samples and 1 for recorded audio files.

I now use an all-in-one iMac with one SSD and
2 Yamaha n12’s mixing desks and I have recorded full bands for
hours with no probs at all.

And my previous most complex/heavy projects
record to and playback just fine using the one SSD.

I am posting here because even tho’ I have C7 (nice)
I have not yet used it in a $$$ making situation.
C6.5.3 is still my main app.

I have not yet tried the same scenario(s) with C7.
I hope everything stays the same (or gets better) when I
make the jump but so far, so good.

HTH (hope this helps)

I now use those three 7200 rpm hard drives for storage.