Fast Track Pro and Cubase 8 Pro

Hello there!
I am not a very computer literate individual, and I cannot seem to make Cubase 8 Pro recognize M-Audio Fast Track Pro at all. It’s probably something I’m either doing wrong or not doing but… can somebody help me?

Thank You!

Have you downloaded and installed the latest Driver for your particular OS?

Umm… Driver? This means I need a particular program to run this interface with Cubase Pro 8? In other words… no. This would be the problem then eh? I can get that through the link? Sorry, I really don’t know a lot about this stuff…I was using Logic Pro on my iMac and never had to get any additional software to make the program recognize the
Fast Track Pro.

I have it working fine. (cubase 8.0.20, windows 10 x64)
Driver 6.1.10 for windows

Thats because MacOS is allready well suited with CoreAudio as an Audiosystem capable of realtime Audiostreaming.
Windows unfortunately isn’t. So yes you need an Asiodriver to make your Interface work with Cubase

Hello! A long time ago I had inquired as to Fast Track Pro and Cubase 8. Well, I just now finally downloaded the latest driver from M-Audio. Is Cubase supposed to recognize the driver when you turn it on? I created an audio track and still can’t get it to work. I need to find someone to break it down baby-style for me… no good at this. Could be I don’t even have chords hooked up right.
I submit to any wise words and knowledge.
Kindest regards…