Fast Track Pro Not Recognized in Cubase 4

I have had Cubase 4 for a while and had not used in a good amount of time. Today I tried using a VST piano that I usually use and for some reason get no sound. The MIDI is working correctly because i can see activity when i hit the keys, but sound will not come through for some reason.

I have use a fast track pro, and when I select Fast Track pro (1) as my ASIO driver, it only shows 4 ports that are all out, whereas previously it used to show several in as well. Similarly, when I select VST connections and try and add a bus, it shows Fast Track Pro (1) as an audio device, but everytime I try and select it, it simply goes back to saying “not connected”

I tried switching to fast track pro (2) as my ASIO driver, which allowed me to get “Fast track Pro L” and “R” as available inputs, but those are for audio.

If anyone has any idea what might be causing this issue, or how I can get sound, I would be super super grateful.