Fast way to adjust distance between text and staff?

What I’m trying to do: notate the harmonic degrees used in a jazz voicing.

How I’m doing it: Create text above the staff, using a custom paragraph style for font size and weight.

The problem: The text is too far away from the staff.

The slow fix: Go to engrave mode, select each of the text items to move, alt-down arrow. I can’t use “select more” because I have text items that I don’t want to adjust.

Is there a faster fix? Like setting the default spacing for a paragraph style? Or selecting all note items with a specific paragraph style so I can reset the offset and adjust them again?

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 08.45.20.png

If you type them in with carriage returns for each line, then the group will move all at once.

I don’t understand what that means.

The example image has a single text item, with the different lines entered with carriage returns. By moving more text items, I mean for the other chords in the flow.

Just realized that perhaps you are talking about moving all of these across the project at once?

EDIT - crossed each other :slight_smile:

Yeah… sorry I wasn’t clear about that. I just took a small snippet to show the distance between the text and the staff. Sometimes I forget that people don’t have the same stuff going in their brains that I do – which is probably to everyone’s benefit! :slight_smile:

You could enter one text box, reposition as desired, then copy it to other locations. Just open the copies and edit the text.

If you have a lot of them in place already, zoom out so you can view an entire page, select all of text you want to move, and nudge them down.

There’s a setting in Engraving Options—Text for minimum distance from the staff.

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This sounds like a job for the FiguratoB font - designed for Figured Bass, before there was an FB feature. You set it as the Lyric Translation Font Style, and then type 9,7,13,11, in the lyric popover (after alt - up arrow to select Translation).

FiguratoB is designed for above the staff; Figurato is designed for below the staff.

True, but the OP’s comment about “not wanting to adjust other text items” might conflict with that idea.

Ugh, sorry. Apparently reading is hard on a… (checks)… Thursday.

You are not alone. I posted the same answer as you, then re-read the question and deleted it :slight_smile: