Fast Way to Convert Solo Player into Section Player?

I am several hours into a project, and want to divisi my viola section… only to find out I imported my string section from Cubase as solo players. :person_gesturing_ok:
So, has there any faster way of converting solo players into section players been implemented? Or do I have to add each section individually then drag the instrument cards into each one… No, using the “add ensemble” window doesn’t work… for some reason it doesn’t support section players, only solo players.

Create an empty Section Player (hit <esc> at the instrument selection step).
Drag the instrument from the Solo Player to the Section Player.

No good, dragging the instrument from one player to the next doesn’t work, it just changes the order of the players.

No, you’re dragging the Player. Click the ‘arrow’ in front of the Player Name. This will open a list showing the instrument(s) assigned to the Player. Drag the Instrument to the Section Player.

I know, that’s what I did: I dragged the square inside the player to the empty handed player, but it only changed their order.

drag player
drag player2

The solo player is now empty handed. The section player holds the violin music.

This is just not happening for some reason. Dragging the instrument to the new player just shuffles the players around.

What do your before and after pictures look like?

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Are you doing this in Setup mode (ie in the Players panel on the left side)?

I apologise if my question is a bit undiplomatic, but I was just checking that you weren’t inadvertently doing the dragging in the Layouts panel on the right side. That has caught me a few times until the light eventually went on inside my skull.

It may well be that Dorico is re-sorting the players after you move instruments between players because the instrument score order is set.

Follow the steps here:

to set Dorico to use the None instrument score order instead of the Orchestral order. Then the players will remain in the same order as you move instruments between them.

In the ensemble picker, you can create section players by clicking on the entries in the list of players to be created: clicking on them toggles between making them single or section players.