Faster input dot-notes

I’m trying to learn faster inputting notes using only the qwerty-keyboard (without numpad) instead of the midi-keyboard.
Is there an faster way to add the dot to a note? Something like fast-click-twice the 6 button gives a quart-dotted note?

Now there’s an interesting idea… click once for the note value, double-click for that note value dotted. That could work for each individual note value.

This is an interesting idea, which I will give some thought to. I don’t find moving my hand to the . key to be a big factor in the speed of my note input in Dorico (though I concede I am a pretty fast typist – over 100wpm). Have you considered perhaps mapping the rhythm dot shortcut to a key closer to the number keys in the meantime? On a UK/US Mac keyboard, the § key to the left of the number 1 key is not currently used for anything in Dorico, so you might try that.