Faster workflow feature request


Let’s say I’m working with 16 drum tracks and I want to send most of them on a group track, parallel compression, reverb or whatever. Would It be possible to add a key that would affect all the tracks at once instead of clicking them on one by one? You know, select all tracks with a shift-key, press alt and now all the things I do affects all the selected tracks. Much like the way you can change outputs/inputs of all selected tracks at once by pressing alt-key.

I am aware that this can be done with the copy/paste mixer settings buttons, but usually I don’t want to copy any other mixer settings. It would be cool if this could be done with plugins too. Usually I know in advance that just about all my tracks are going to have somekind of eq in them.

Please don’t tell me that this has been possible for 10 years… :smiley:

try setting up a ‘Macro’ to cover repeatable situations, or if it’s a spur of the moment thing, drag and drop processors from channel to channel in the mixer which will carry the setting with it.