Fastest drive for Virtual Instrument or for Audio?


I am getting an opportunity to get from a good friend a barely used WD Raptor 10000rpm and was wondeirng how to distribute my software:

1.- All of my virtual instruments (EWQLSO GOLD and own Steinberg HALION, The Grand 3 etc.) are on a separate (not the Windows 7 OS one) internal Seagate 7200 RPM-500 Gb with 16MB Buffer

2.-The Audio is recorded to another internal drive, a WD 160 GB with 8 MB BUFFER

Taking into consideration that my work imvolves much more the use of the Virtual Instruments than that of Audio, what would be your advice for the use of the Raptor:

Should I transfer all my Virtual Instruments library from the actual drive to the Raptor, or should I use it for Audio recording?

Actually the Virtual Instruments that are located on the Seagate 7200, 500GB are working fine, not having latency problems but…

Thanks a lot for any advice.

Enrique Diazruanova

Aloha D and congrats on getting the new drive.

Sounds like you answered your own question. (the ‘if it aint’ broke thang’)

Enjoi your new drive.



With virtual instruments you have 2 main goups of them:

  1. Pre-loading ones: the ones which load all required data to RAM when started.
    1.a. If you experience long project loading times with these, move them to a faster disk
    1.b. If not, just leave the things as they are
  2. Streaming ones: the ones which load data from disk every time you play a note
    2.a. If you experience spikes on disk performance meter, move these to a faster disk
    2.b. If not, just leave the things as they are

Than you very much for your replies, since I do not have problems with the Virtual instruments, will leave them as they are and record audio to the new drive. Thanks again for your input guys!

Greetings from Central Mexico :wink: