Fastest way to get mixer reduce to used insert slots?

Early on I usually have a number of disabled plugins that I eventually remove when decided which ones to use.
So often use up the 6, even wanting more from time to time.
So mixer slots grow nicely as adding them.

But when I remove inserts I have problem making mixer adjust to that.
As of now it’s basically closing project and open again that works.

I tried fixed number, which to my surprise did not let me assign a number - it was all 8 or the automatic thingy.

So is there a quick way to get mixer to reduce visual slots that now are empty?


I can’t say I’ve ever noticed the behavior you describe.

What is “not adjusting” about the mixer?

If you ever want more than six pre-fader inserts, just add a Group Channel to the one you’re working on and route Track A to Group A – create the group track “outside the folder,” to have the fader appear right next to the primary channel.

Try turning the insert racks on and off and see if that helps after the inserts are removed. Hope it works out. I’m not sure I really understand your problem, however. Good luck. I’m sure it will work out.

Thanks. It’s about removing inserts and let height of visible slots reduce.

Did the expand collapse of mixer racks too.
Did it on full mixer too, but still remained a couple of extra empty slot that were not needed.
Did set fixed number, and then back.

If there is a smooth way it would be good to know about it.

Well if you have something in slot 1 on one track and something in slot 8 on another track, then 1 to 8 will show.
If you drag that plugin from slot 8 to slot 2 then only slot 1 to 2 + an additional empty slot (3) will show.
I prefer to have all 8 inserts and sends shown all the time, and hide Eq, channel strip and what not.

Thank you.

If you open a project with two used slots that is true - existing plus 1/2->1 slot…
But just removing used plugin slot will not reduce - for me.

If there is a magical recalculate slots or something.

If I find sa series of operation that do it - I can make a macro later.

Logical thing would be collapse-expand of inserts rack.
I only tested having two free rows of slots - maybe it works if more than that.
Or it does not notice that stuff were removed and thereby not touching it.

Fixed number with a dialog to select, or keyboard command for each number of slots to show.