fastest way to half the tempo in audio?

hi Guys

anybody can advice a fastest way to change an audio (drum loop)tempo simply for half or double speed?
after ableton (where is literatully 1 click) i found a bit akward to warping,hitpointing and stuffs.
or did i miss something?

If you know the tempo of the loop it’s quite simple to change its tempo.

To keep it easy drop the file into a new project set the tempo of the project to whatever your loop is.
Then make sure that it’s playing in a smooth loop and in time.if it is open the media pool and select musical mode on for it.and check the algorithm is set to elastic pro time
Now in the project you should be able to change your tempo and your loop should follow.

If you want to put it straight into a project what is already setup with a tempo and has audio in it simply drop it into that project open the pool and enter the original tempo into the details of the loops file then select musical mode and it should be in time
If you don’t know your loops tempo a bit more work is involved tempo detecting and finding original tempo of it first.

Use the timestretch tool and halve / double the event length.

thank you guys. :wink:

Right click->Process->Time stretch->50 or 200%

There’s more algorithms to choose from than the time strech tool and it’s easy to halve or double tempo even if the event is not cut to an exact multiple of the bar lengt. If it is though, the time stretch tool is faster.

great advices.thanks