Fat acid 303 synth

when will we cubase owners get a really good vst 303 that beats all others in sound and simplicity. it must have a midi generator in key or chord. as well as sounding like Avalon roland and devil fish together.

has 303 hardware. but getting a new west instrument from steinberg for cubase would have been really cool and easier to work with. we can’t let ableton have a small 303 synth with midi generator and not us cubase owners. makes it extremely much better. it’s probably a simple thing for you to do :slight_smile:

Use Groove Agent with 303 sounds?

Ye i can do that, i have 303 hardware but i realy like D16 Group Phoscyon 2 Acid Line. But i want a real stockplugin for this and not a third-party plugin that i have to keep updating with other updating programs like i do with isotope and other stuff. and that if i have a dedicated acid 303 instrument like the D16, i don’t have to do the basics in retrologue 2 or any other stock plugin.
I want a fast workflow. not so good at Halion yet so I can create a synth like that yet myself.

And yes Groove Agent is realy good its like Halion can do everything in that box.

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The few instrument plugins that come bundled with Cubase are all “bread and butter” instruments IMHO. They can service a large amount of genres and styles. A TB303 clone, not so much. That would be almost the opposite, a niche type of instrument. But if they did include a TB303 clone, then someone else is going to ask for a Juno 106, another will ask for a Prophet 5, a CS80, and so on.
In a world that is already flooded with TB303 clones, both hardware and software, I see little value for Steinberg to include one. But of course, those are my thoughts and Steinberg might see it differently.

I know one thing for sure though…

If this was not meant as sarcasm, it reeks of ignorance.

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Want more stock it would be fun if they do something outside the box.
all the synths they make are really good in cubase and absolute, however, you would like to have all the synths that are in Halion as normal stand-alones like retrologue 2 and the others so that you avoid the bulky around, and that you can be able to enlarge and for ins the interface on all vst and plugins "good for the eyes. now they have made a really good FM synth. but no one can dislike a well-made 303 ;). however, you can do it now with what you have. but a dedicated 303 as stock vst would have been gold.only run stock plugins except my isotope plugins,which i have all of.but nothing you need before mixing.
Absynth is a synth you have a fondness for too. if now that isotope and NI instruments have joined forces and make a new midi hardware where isotope is integrated, then this is probably the only time I will buy a NI midi controller. however, I don’t understand why cubase doesn’t do the same thing. NI has Komplete and cubase has Halion which is insanely powerful, and those who program think it’s more work. I’m not being sarcastic. just want a system that works and comes from the same. tired of all the third parties with all the updates and all the problems that may come. hope you understand what I mean.