Fatal question about Cubase12 permissions! Gives me a headache!

I want to de-authorize Cubase12 on this computer, so I open Activation Manager. It is found that the account is not logged in, but Cubase12 has been activated. This resulted in my cubase12 permissions not being able to logout.If I click login, the offline license on this mac will be lost. But in fact the permissions on this machine have not been lifted. In the end, I couldn’t use Cubase12 permissions on any MAC. That’s what caused the last loss of permissions.Without logging in, you cannot log out of permissions. If you log in and completely lose your permissions, you must find a staff member to release the permissions. dilemma! How to solve this problem? ?


Sorry, I don’t know your language, so I don’t know the description and the state.

I don’t see, how does Cubase 12 license look like, if you log in.

Please, get in touch with your local Steinberg support. They are able to release the computer.