Faulty graphical export of Playing Techniques

I am using Dorico 3.5.12 on a mac OS 10.15.7

When exporting graphics with Dorico, my custom bow-pressure playing techniques are rendered wrongly in the outcoming PDF (and thus changing the actual semantical meaning).
I have three symbols, two full black arrows for strong bow pressure (showing correctly), one full and one empty arrow for medium bow pressure (rendering the same as strong bow pressure) and two empty arrows for normal bow pressure (not rendering at all!)

I created them as normal graphical Playing Techniques.

Here how it looks like in Dorico (correct:)

Here how it looks like in the exported PDF (incorrect!):

It looks the same when importing to Affinity, but anyhow for the PDF-cracks here the PDF, too:
SE_P.O.P.I_01_Partitur.pdf (39.9 KB)

And finally the cut-down Project:
POPI PRINT BUG.dorico (521.2 KB)

Any ideas as to why? I have the rehearsals upcoming soon, and it would be great if I could provide a corrected version before to safe rehearsal time.

EDIT: exporting via macOS Print function and choosing PDF works fine - but I hope there would be another option as to doing this for every layout. (also I don’t think pages dimensions will be remained then)

Where did the custom overpressure symbols come from? Are they SVG graphics, or another format? Are they custom font glyphs?

They are .svg graphics, and I have them from Christian Dimpker (author of “extended notation”). He was offering some symbols for free on his website for some time, but it seems he took them down now, so I am not sure I am legally able to share the original with you here, if it would be necessary.

I created the playing techniques by adding graphics in the symbol editor for playing techniques.

You could try and resave them in a Graphics Program to make sure they are using the ‘Tiny’ profile. Inkscape is free if you don’t own a commercial vector graphics program.

Try this file. Looks to me that the SVGs were saved with layers disabled rather than an intersection to remove the inner path. I will PM you my SVGs.

POPI PRINT BUG 2.dorico (516.3 KB)

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After some more digging, I found out that it was actually me who created these symbols in Affinity, so I can share the faulty ones for Daniel to check, if he wants.

faulty svgs.zip (2.1 KB)

thank you so much @Craig_F !!
This is more than I ever could’ve asked for!
I will try them out for sure, but out of curiousity (since I now remembered, that I actually created these symbols myself), what are the settings I missed in Affinity Designer when exporting my .svg?

I don’t see any options for a different profile. And I didn’t hide/use any layers, but rather set the “fill” property of my path, depending on the kind of glyph I wanted to create.

What I extracted from the PDF wasn’t quite what your originals looked like. I just messed around trying different things. I think what I did was separate the paths, then did a subtract function on them,

Looking at your originals, I got rid of the Layer on the hollow arrow and so that is just a simple path. Try them out.

Adobe Illustrator has various profiles for SVGs. Affinity doesn’t have them.

BowPressure2.zip (1.2 KB)

Thank you I will, as well as trying to figure out, how the layer got into the svg in the first place - again, I don’t see why there should be something at all, but this would be for the affinity forum…

Thanks again!

You’re welcome.

Dorico is only able to handle SVGs that conform to the Tiny SVG standard. It’s worth making sure your SVG is as simple as possible (so no transparency, no masks, etc.) and if your graphics application supports the Tiny SVG profile specifically, export using that.


Thank you, Daniel. Are any other vector graphic formats better supported/suited for this kind of symbols? EPS? PDF?

No, SVG is the only vector format supported by Dorico.

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