Faulty USB Dongle ?

The dongle that came with my copy of Cubase Artist does not power up when I reboot my pc.
It needs to be unplugged and plugged back in again before it lights up and is recognised by the license software.
I have tried it on another pc and it does the same thing. Is it faulty and can it be replaced?

I do believe you can buy a blank dongle from steinberg, EBay or wherever and transfer the licence/s

I just bought a replacement dongle from Dolphin Music in the UK. £16, free next day delivery. Transferring licenses is drag & drop. Took five minutes.

It would have been nice to see a reply from Steinberg though.
I have objections To spending money to replace an item I have only had a few weeks.

Is it plugged directly into the computer and not a hub? Sounds more like a USB Port issue rather than a Dongle issue.

This forum isn’t a direct line to Steinberg. Maybe you have a faulty dongle. What did they say when you contacted them?

Yes, I also suggest that you contact Steinberg directly; you can’t get a replacement via a forum. Check out their replacement policy too. Since the dongle is quite new, if it is defective and the problem persists, and the dongle is not plugged into a hub, then you should be able to have it replaced by Steinberg. You can also buy dongles, sometimes locally at a music store, or on line. Much depends on how fast you need to obtain a replacement. If time is of the essence then buy one, and then send the faulty one back to Steinberg for replacement. Never hurts to have a spare dongle on hand anyway. I have no less than 4 of them sitting on a shelf in my closet, but can’t quite recall how I ended up with so many. I think some of them came with other applications. I also have two spare iLoks that I’ve accumulated. :slight_smile: Just be thankful that you can eventually still get the current one working. That will make transferring your license(s) to a new dongle much easier.