Favorite Cubase Stock Plugins?

What’s everyone’s favorite Cubase stock plugins?

Multiband envelope shaper. Great for getting a bit if snap on a snare when there isn’t one.


Squasher, monotostereo, retrologue, multi tap delay

MonoToStereo and REVelation : I use them in every projects.

Beside this, I’m not really fond of the bundled VSTis : They lack character, IMO, and the only one that I sometimes use is Halion SE. Between Retrologue and/or Padshop and Sylenth1, I always choose the latter…

Magneto 2, tube compressor and Quadrafuzz v2

Don’t really have a favorite. Supervision is nice (except that it doesn’t remember its window size). MultiBandEnvelopeShaper can be useful in some cases and is probably the only one where I don’t have an alternative. For all the other processors i usually have better alternatives in my plugin folder, regarding sound and/or workflow/GUI.
The VSTis are all too tiny and not scalable…workflow killer.

Quadrafuzz , Padshop , Multitap , and frequency are all pretty hoooooot ! (but there are so many to choose from )

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Almost 100% I use the PingPongDelay which is really handy for me. Also, I use the stock comps(mostly the VitangeComp and the Standard Comp), Tape Saturation, De-Esser, and the channel strip EQ(for adjusting lightly) as necessary. I have 3rd parties as well like many people but I think the stock plugins are very good quality too.

I use the vintage and tube compressors, squasher, maximiser, delays and the strip eq’s at the minimum.