favorite Linear Phase high pass VST?

I use the N5.5 filters, including the excellent Post Filter, often. However, I’m looking for a linear phase high pass. There are several available, including a Voxengo free plug.

Anybody have a favorite?


Algorithmix Red EQ (… the company seems to have gone belly up, though)

Waves Linear Low Band (… which I am using this very moment :slight_smile: …)

I like the Waves LinEQ lowband but was looking for alternatives. Thanks for the suggestions!

Mark, I can’t seem to find a free one from Voxengo. They have the Marvel EQ but that’s just a graphic, don’t see a HP in there. Do you know if it’s still available?

Thanks for replying. I must have been dreaming when I wrote the original post.

I have several free and purchased Voxengo plugs and Vocengo seems like a natural choice to create an alternative linear phase HP filter plug, but other than a rather soft HP in their “Elephant”, they don’t have one.

I did communicate with them about it. The person that replied to me was nice but didn’t really understand why I would want one. It is, of course, to clean up sub-sonic junk in my mixes and cause the least side effects from phase-warp.

So far the Waves LinEQ Lowband is the best I’ve found.

I generally use the one in the Precision EQ or Manley MP - both UAD - but neither is Linear Phase. You can pull down the subs in the Voxengo Curve EQ but it’s not quite the same.

As I recall Solnaksis had a dedicated HPF but again I’m not sure if it was Linear Phase.

It’s annoying they didn’t include one in the Curve EQ. I like the Curve better than the Waves in general but that’s one sticking point.

The basic N5.5 EQ and the Post Filter both have excellent filters but not linear.