Favorite Midi Logical Editor Hacks?

I absolutely love the Logical Editor. My favorite use is to extract part of a part from one midi event, maybe remove some modulations or CC messages, it’s made using Cubase so much more rewarding and fun than going through and picking stuff out manually for removal. I have a problem with spurious midi messages sometimes (midi pan, or other CCs) messing me up because of some quirks of my midi controller setups (it’s easy to bump certain controls on some of my synths). Probably I should be setting up the global midi filters also. :slight_smile:

Anyone have other favorite logical editor use cases to share?

Aloha w,

Don’t know if I would call them ‘hacks’ but do I use the LE for a few things.

The first one is from the days when Cubase only did MIDI recording (no audio)
and I could not live without the LE because…

1-My primary input device is midi guitar which when properly configured to track well,
puts out many ‘doubled’ notes.
"Delete Doubles’ in the LE can really help to quickly clean things up.

2-Using ‘Random Velocities’ can sometimes help with a synth bass patch to give the
sound some ‘life’. (I sometimes have to apply it several times to get the desired effect).

3- Sometimes I have a musical phase that I want the snare drum to play along with.
So I will copy the phrase then paste it into the snare track and then use,
‘set notes to fixed pitch’, then remove the existing snare parts and move the pasted events
into the snare lane then match the volume levels. Works great.

Also ‘Key Commands’ can be combined with the LE to quickly do basis tasks like,
Shifting events by specific amounts (like up or down an octave) or changing velocities
by specific amounts.