Favorite stock plugins?

It’s hard to resist the hype of buying new plugins all the time. I’m sure some of the stock plugins are perfectly great. Which are your favorites? Which are the worst?


On nearly every session I use - Frequency, Magneto II, and Brickwall Limiter.

I rarely use stock plugins, but one I always liked is the deeser. I also always used to use the compressor for sidechain, but now I use Shaperbox for that. and honestly the eq sounds great but I have Fabfilter Q2 and plenty UAD so they always get loaded instead :slight_smile:

Reverence, Vintage compressor

Multiband Envelope Shaper, QuadraFuzz v2, Tape Saturation (in Strip)

Hardly use stock plugs but really like the new Distroyer. Superb!

Envelop Shaper, Quadrafuzz2, Limiter, Revelation and Chopper…

I have a LOT of plugins but certain stockers still get plenty of use, these days I don’t think it’s about sound, stock plugins sound as good as anything - I reach for aftermarket when I want better work-flow or flavour, particularly compressors, I rarely if every use stock compressors other than for utility tasks.

DaTube, try it on all sorts of sources, you may be surprised.
Magneto II, used it a lot but has been displaced by Softube “tape” lately.
Quadrafuzz II is pretty good but doesn’t quite get a look in over Decapitator and UAD distressor these days.
Envelope Shaper and Multiband Envelope shaper are excellent.
Deesser - I rarely use anything other than this, also often used as a single channel dynamic EQ - so not just for deessing.
VST Bass Amp - superb, my “goto”, I always triplicate then band-pass bass tracks to enable focused low, mid and high processing, preset “Glue” is often the starting point for my low track.
Frequency - at last a really good high end stock EQ, was about to finally get round to buying FabFilter pro Q2, then this came along and I really don’t see the point of spending more money - this does everything I want.
ModMachine still delivers a surprise sometimes.
Stereo Enhancer - used on every project to widen and narrow 0 despite having many alternatives.
VSTDynamics, when I want quick access to stuff like sidechained ducking.

PeppaPig: Thanks for reminding DaTube, forgot that one for a long time.

I really like Steinberg’s DaTube too. I like it better than Softube’s free saturation plugin, although I do like Softube’s tape plugin.

Although I have several third party EQ plugs I use the Cubase channel EQ a fair bit, it’s actually very good, and convenient.

Using the stock EQ all the time. Also I use Stereo Enhancer, Mod Machine occasionally, StudioEQ for insert EQ. Haven’t used DaTube for a while but I used to…

ModDelay is/was my favourite but it’s discontinued now :frowning:


Quadrafuzz and Brickwall

Good ideas for inspiration all, thanks.

Frequency and Studio EQ. I love the new look and functions of those. Now I don’t have to get 3rd party plugin.

I use the LoPass and HiPass Filters in the pre-section a lot,

also PingPong and StereoDelay, as standard GoTo Delays and recently I started adding a bit of Magneto II in the channel-strip to a lot of channels.
I dont use the built in eq a lot, but not because it sounds bad, just the workflow of my pro-q is much better.
I might be using the stock plugins more in the feature as the guis gets better, honestly I can’t get good results with plugins that do not look pleasing to the eye as well. They dont have to be fancy hardware emulations, but a slick and functional gui with good visual feedback is much appreciated…

AutoPan is the one I use most and the ones in the channel strip, especially the EnvelopeShaper.

Wow, I just took a look at Quadrafuzz v2. This thing is awesome!