Favorite tools


Something I miss is a Favorite palette of tools. Something where I can immediately find, say, the quarter tone alterations, the flautando strings technique, the air wind technique, my preferred arpeggio symbols, the tremolo symbol.

This would prevent having to jump across palettes all the time. All considered, there is limited set of tools even an ‘analogic’ engraver uses, and selects in a dedicated basket during the work.


Is this not what user-defined Shortcuts are for?

No, those are shortcuts. Palettes are visual, and immediately helping even to recollect shortcuts.


Only one of the OP’s objects, the tremolo, can be set to a shortcut (without perhaps some major JSON editing).

Currently, key signatures, time signatures, and tempo have a separate section in their panel for “Used in this flow.” I imagine that, given how overwhelming in amount dynamics, playing techniques, and ornaments might be in a given flow, the original choice to not include such a section for these is not unusual. However, when I think myself of how often Massenet has used “pp bien chanté et dehors” in the opera I’m working on, I can see the use of a “Used in this flow” section for all of those. As long as the subpanel can still be hidden when it gets to an overwhelming amount.

But, in short, no, there’s currently no such functionality for those kinds of objects. In Key Commands you can set a two-, three-, or four-slash tremolo to a key command, but nothing there’s nothing else you can do to customize something for a more visual approach.

You can’t define a shortcut as such, but you can define a shorthand string that the popover will recognize.

If you want to add your Massenet technique by typing “bcd” in the playing techniques popover for “bien chanté et dehors” for example, you can.

Thanks for pointing that out Rob, you are correct. I’m personally doing that with most isolated expressions, especially since I will inevitably spell a French word wrong (even the English ones escape me sometimes). When they combine with dynamics, they truly need to be added as dynamic suffixes though, for which there aren’t shortcuts. I imagine the same way JSON edits are used for tuplet shortcuts, the same could be done for custom dynamics or things, but I doubt it’s worth the time.

Stream Deck…

Seriously, for repetitive tasks, it’s a lifesaver. Downbow? One keypress.

Beat me to it Dan. Seriously, Stream Deck on an old phone or tablet.