Favourites Plug-ins Folder

With so many plug-ins, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate to the ones you use regularly. Would be great if there was a ‘favourites’ list, or folder.

That’s all.

Actually, you can make a “favorites” folder, or any other. You just have to make an actual folder, there were your plugins are stored on the disk and put them in it. I have made folders like “Audio Damage” or “EQ’s” etc.

Not sure this works with VTS3 plug-ins or Waves, but it’s some help. Physically moving files around does have its drawbacks, though.

Yeah, moving around dll’s is not a very good idea if you’ve used them already in previous projects.
I’ll +1 the request.

also, a little dialog where you could type in the plug-in name and filter out the others would be swell. (something like Reaper)

This has been discussed in another thread.

The only way to put vst3 plugins into your own order / folder is to hack the plugin files with a Hex editor such as WinHex. why Steinberg has done this to its users is just bewildering. Steinberg has commented on this over a year ago that it is indeed unacceptable for users to need to resort to this but Steinberg has since done…nothing about it. Big Ups.

for vst2 plugins you can re-name and re-order the .dll files into file folders yourself, assuming that this does not break the .dll plugin links to its other related data such as presets or data sounds. But this is far from an elegant solution and ideally it should be made possible within Cubase…why this is not possible in either Plugin Information or Mediabay without needed to resort to moving .dll files and potentially upsetting plugin installations causes many users to shake their heads in dispair.


Do Steinberg not use their own software? how is this problem not frustrating to the programmers in Steinberg also? i guess its not as frustrating as your DAW crashing on exit every time… sigh

+1 please

And also, say, something like the ‘recent files’ list too.

Then add some right mouse button (assuming you have one…) actions, like the MS pin-to-start-menu options, and we’re starting to get somewhere useful.

Cause let’s face it, it’s not like the plugins menu is not used much, I spend my life hunting for plugins and I’ve got about 300! Fortunately most of them are freebie VST2 so I can order them into nice folders but when/if they start going VST3 I’ll be stuffed!

Time to address this one please Steinberg.


Oh, good! I’m not the only one, then.

For me to load some UAD plug-ins, I have to go through 4 stepped plug-in menus, 30 times a day. What a ridiculous waste of time and concentration. That’s just 1 example.

After looking through the old forum, it seems this is a much requested feature from years ago. Steinberg, help us out, eh?

Yer, UAD plugs. For one, I could never work out why they call them ‘Powered Plugins’. And why preface every plugin name with UAD? But this is the wrong forum for that, shut it!!! Anyway, a tip is to uncheck the ones you haven’t purchased in the PluginManager and then you get a few less in your menu.

And, here goes, another request to Steinberg. Make it so that unchecked plugins are ‘blacklisted’ and not loaded please!



Exactly. For example, I have all my EQs (3rd party and Cubase) in my “EQ” folder, all my delays (3rd party and Cubase) in my “Delays” folder, etc… Also the fact that I can’t move around VST3 plugins to different folders isn’t that big of a deal to me because they are always right where I would put them anyways… Ozone 5 VST3 is in the mastering folder, Fabfilter Volcano VST3 is in the filter folder, etc…

I’m glad it works well for you as it is, Stealth. But evidently the current way doesn’t suit everyone, and Steinberg has already acknowledged that Cubase ought to include a means of organising the plug-ins how the user wants them:


Sadly, that was nearly a year ago, and, so far, there’s nothing to be seen.

Crohde was talking about VST3 plugins. Its only VST3 plugins which can’t be organized. Its not a big deal for me since all my VST3 plugins are where I would put them anyways, but I can see how some people might have a problem with not being able to organize their VST3 plugs how they like…

HUUUGE +1 on this

Also when using plugins on offline bounce mode, is there a way for the plugin to stay opened after prcoessing a file?

My VST2 Plugin Manager is here to serve you: http://www.familiekraft.de/PluginManager

Categorize you plugins as you like and let it create an organised plugin root folder for cubase and others hosts simultaneously. Create a Favorites folder, drag your favourite plugs into, and off you go…

  • a million on this one from me

In the meantime what I do is create 2 stereo tracks and 2 mono tracks. I then load up my favourite plugins onto these tracks . All in all 16 most used mono and stereo plugs. You could do more. save as track presets for easy access in any song.
Next set up mixer 3 to hide all other tracks except these plugin tracks.
When you want one of your fav plugins press shortcut for mixer 3(you have to make one) and alt drag plugin from mixer3 to the channel you want.
Clumsy yes but better and quicker than navigating my bloated plugin menu and it works great with inspector.

Once again a work around but better than nothing for me.

Take it or leave it.