FB Post Links To PDF Version Of Dorico Help

This Facebook post on the Dorico page includes a link to an English PDF version of the Dorico help.


Here’s a link to the PDF:


Is this the official manual produced by Steinberg?


Yes, it is. It contains just the same content as the web pages, but in a PDF.

I did not see the pages about how to use frames filters and so on… and here it is (pp.117-124) !
I hoped I would find the list of everything that could be included in popovers, but I will have to wait a little for your list :slight_smile:

It would be really sweet if the online help could be updated to follow the current version…
and be referenced with a version nb

It’s really helpful to be able to download the pdf manual. Thanks to the team!

Many thanks for the PDF manual! This is a must for me. Much appreciated!!