FD fader control

Trying to get the FD to work. It recognizes the device and I see sends coming through on the transport.
But when I am in the mixer control, the bars don’t control anything.

“FD” … Floppy Drive?

FD Fader Control is what is written at the top of their fader control.

FD looks like a floppy drive :laughing: But hey, I didn’t design the thing.

Ahhh … you must be talking about one of the CMC controllers, then?


Sorry, I’ve never used one :neutral_face: .

Did you updated the firmware?

There’s a firmware update for the fader control?
Are there instructions on how to do that? Somewhere?

Well, I updated my CMC-AI, TP and CH before using them.



This is not a Cubase issue, I am moving this thread to the Hardware section.
Yes, there is a readme file inside the Firmware installer.

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