FEAT REQ: Align or link (attach) preview WAV to Project


Maybe there is a work around for this problem already, but I couldn’t find it.

Simple, I have more than 600 songs, drafts etc in Cubase Media Bay. Instead to load each one when I want to quick preview a Project content, I want rather to attach WAV file to be played when I select a project in Media Bay.

Has anyone found a work around for this? It would be a good feature for us dealing with many projects.

Any idea?

Hmm, a very interesting idea. I personally do a simple MP3 export periodically and I keep that in the top level project directory, named the same as the project file (with date/time/revNumber etc). Then I can audition the latest of these by sorting by date/time.

But, along the lines of thumbnail icons, I could imagine an OS enhancement where you hover over an audio file and the file plays automatically (well, assuming they don’t already do this, I’ve not noticed!).

Then consider that you extend this to other file types which have MP3s embedded into the file header, i.e. .cpr files. Again, hover and the OS plays the embedded audio. So, Cubase embeds an audio file in the .cpr header somehow…

Now take this another stage further and imagine that when you play your project then Cubase automatically caches the master buss output (or a buss of your choice?) into an audio clip or file or something. Bit by bit it builds up a preview of the complete project for you behind the scenes… It could put this into a preview file for you, or it could ‘embed’ it into the .cpr file for auditioning outside Cubase…

Too many ideas!!


Or name your projects something memorable and relevant!

I like both the top posters ideas. I too have so many ‘projects’ that I’d forgotten about & the notion that you could get a quick capsule review of where you left off would be nice. In fairness though, if you were using any outboard processing or midi external synths etc, it just won’t work & as suggested a quick mp3 bounce or wav when you’re finishing up a session is quite a sound and solid print of where you were at…


I do the same, kind of work-a-round…

Well I would be glad if it could work as for other Audio files in MediBay - upon selectin automatically preview plays…

Killer idea :-! :sunglasses:

Well after 600 times I’m a bit out of inspiration to find a letters for some memorable and relevant :laughing:

Same issue here. I have found myself flying up from chair every time I need to load a larger project - it takes ages. Hopefully this Project preview can be done in the next Cubase 7.02 update… :confused:

Aha, perhaps there’s another new feature I can suggest :wink: Cubase Quick Load - it loads up really quick by leaving out most if not all of the stuff it normally does at startup, but allows us to view-only the project window and to play back a (chosen) ‘preview’ track. Meantime it continues in the background to load other things in slow time :slight_smile:

Personally I name my doodles with descriptive words, the BPM and a score out of 10. Leads to long filenames. Could tag them in Media Bay I suppose - but then I worry that some day I’ll not have media bay anymore…

Another suggestion is to delete the worst 80% of your ideas :mrgreen:


I also can remember moments in which a sat in front of a bunch of cpr’s that felt like 1000s craving for a project preview feature. :slight_smile:

Making a preview mp3 before closing a project is an organizational working step we should get used to. These are 5 minutes we should take. Do I always do it? No, I whish I would. :neutral_face:

Anyways a good habit would be to do the following before closing a project:

In the project press “Control+A” to select all, press “P” to set the locators around everything that is selected.

Files-> Audiomixdown and then you can set
Name-> Set Project Name
Path-> Use Project Audio Folder

Behind the name write something like “preview” (You do this for all project previews, always write preview behind the name.)

Now when you find a project in the MediaBay you can right click and select “Show in Explorer”.
Once the explorer is open hit “Control+F” and search for “preview”. The preview of the project will appear if it doesent you know that you didn’t make one.

If we adapt and make this organizational working step a routine we eliminate the problem of not knowing what a certain cpr contains. Also in a later production we can listen back to previous versions of the cpr to check if we made any bad decisions that where contra productive to the original idea.

Still I must agree it would be realy nice if we could automatically save er checkbox a “Control+A–> P” preview in conjunction with our cpr’s but only because I have not made the above planed organizational working steps a routine for me yet.

Cubase Rulez!!! :slight_smile:

My vote!

That would be THE end of Cubase in the Human history :cry:

Deleting my family members!?? :confused: :unamused: :laughing:

Yes, that is an option, however wouldn’t that spoil the whole idea of having Media Bay? I mean, its like a cake on cake. But tagging a preview WAV/MP3 with word ‘Preview’ in Media Bay would easily allow to locate ALL preview files in a folder within Media Bay instead?