[FEAT REQ] Chord Memorizer

I would like to see a chord memorizer feature from within Halion 4, like the old Juno synths etc used to have from the 80’s. I know Cubase has a feature outside of Halion, but I would like to see one built in Halion itself to keep things self contained. It could be a MIDI Module for instance where one can add this particular module to a patch if they desire and set which keys get played and have them set that way for that particular patch. A lot of old synths had this and I think it would be great to see this included in Halion 4 since it has a full synth engine and can play user made samples like a synth. I don’t want to rely on a plugin outside of Halion 4 just because DAW’s contain such a function. DAW’s can do everything else Halion 4 can in terms of pitch, volume, panning etc and they are still including in Halion 4 for ease of use and increased workflow.

Would anyone else like to see such a feature?

For some reason I though you could do this with the PAD section… I haven’t finished reading the manual yet unfortunantly.

Hmmm, I have not come across this personally. If this is the case, that is ok I suppose if you only want 8 pads with predefined chords assigned to them, but I would much rather have an option of enabling a chord memorizer and use my external controller with any key to play back a chord, just like the old Roland synths etc did in the 80’s.

On the starter patch ‘the 4th dimension’ (trial), it does just that. You can right-click and there is a ‘learn chord’ feature. I’m still not sure all of the details and havn’t figured out how to make my own pads like that yet.

The implementation is basic but it is there!

If you want to make a new program and have chord memory on the pads, right-click on the Program List (right pane) program, and select ‘new’ - ‘midi module’ - ‘Trigger Pads’ and that will do it.

Then you can right-click the pads and select ‘snapshot chord’.

cool feature.

in future, it could be expanded upon with more features like;
-edit chord
-select between referenced actual chords or variant chords (chord recognition)
-choose standard chords

I’m really liking this feature so far.

Ok, I tried what you said, and yes, you can do chords this way, but in my opinion, it’s really lame. Being limited to only playing back 8 ‘snapshots’ of chords makes it difficult to go all out jamming on your external contoller keyboard while keeping the chords in place. You can only trigger back the pads themselves and this is not what I am looking for. What I would like to see is the ability to enable a chord memorizer function, play in a chord and have it memorized and be able to jam anywhere on your ‘external controller’ while having the chords being played back as you play, essentially like have 3 or 4 hands. 1 key can play back 3 for instance for some real phat sounding playback. I don’t like being limited to only triggering back pads one after another, though it is something, I am hoping more can be brought about with this in a future update and this isn’t all we get in terms of chord memorized playback.