[FEAT REQ] Ping-Pong Loop

I would like to see an additional loop mode available in Halion 4, Ping-Pong Loops. You set your start and end points like current, but instead of playing forward, then jumping back to the start to play forward again, a ping-pong loop would play forward, then backwards, forward, then backwards, over and over until you release the key being pressed. This is a unique loop mode that I thoroughly enjoyed in the past with other software and would love to see it as an additional loop mode in Halion 4.

Thanks for reading!

I agree. My Roland S750 used to do this & it was very useful.

I remember doing this on old MOD trackers back in the early 90’s, it certainly was useful and I am quite surprised it isn’t taken more advantage of in modern software/hardware.

It should be simple enough for the brains at Steinberg to implement, as long as they see it fit as worthy of their time and resources. Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts TonyB, the more attention given, the better the chances of seeing new additions to Halion 4 take place.