[FEAT REQ] Realtime Preview like Cubase Mediabay

I LOVE how you can preview samples/sounds in realtime in the Mediabay found in Cubase 6. I HATE how you cannot preview the samples/sounds in Halion 4 until you actually load them into a slot. It is such a time waster to have a list of thousands of sounds, each with names that don’t exactly tell you what the sound actually is and not be able to hear it until you actually load it into a slot. Stupid waiting for it to load, find out you don’t like it, go back and start the entire process all over. Will it ever be possible to have a better browsing/auditioning system in Halion 4? Even Halion 3 had realtime playback and auditioning of browsed sounds.

HUGE +1 to this


agreed, the actual sample preview and load system is a real drama. We need definitely update of this.

I’m not sure about previewing samples, but there is a way to listen to programs from the mediabay - it isn’t really clearly documented, though.

While you’re in the mediabay, highlight a program and press the L key on your computer keyboard. This will load the program into the selected slot and you can listen to it immediately, without exiting the mediabay.

I completely agree that a simple way of auditioning things in the mediabay is needed. This is at least a little bit of a workaround, for now.

Thanks for this, I knew about it. This however requires one to load before listen, I want to listen before load. Cubase’s Mediabay allows this with ease. Simply highlighting a program has a virtual keyboard appear on the bottom of the screen which you can use to preview the selected sound without committing to it first. Halion 4 needs something like this for sure. I have actually been using Cubase’s Mediabay for previewing patches and ignoring Halion 4’s Mediabay altogether due to this. I shouldn’t have to do this however.

We need an option to have a dockable/tabable sample browser just like Halion 3 had so I don’t have to continuously press CTRL + I everytime I want to browse WAV files on my hard drive that are not already converted to Halion 4 programs.