Feature additions

Hi guys,
Just a few feature addition requests please…

Firstly, could you add a ‘snap to grid’ feature when placing automation points?
The problem I’m having is that I’m writing automation points on 389 different VST automation tracks in Cubase Pro 10. I’m automating a light show & each automation track corresponds to a DMX channel on the lighting software. As I’m placing the automation points on the screen, the cursor/pencil tool is moving freely around the screen & isn’t ‘snapping’ to the grid. My issue is that because the automation points aren’t being placed exactly on the grid, I’m then having to manually move them to the required grid line & in the process, a lot of the time, the numeric value of the automation point changes, meaning I have to then manually input the numeric value again. This is very time consuming when you’re working on so many automation tracks. Adding this ‘snap to grid’ feature for writing automation will literally save users hours of time.

Secondly, can you add an option to export track/VST automation please? At the moment, I’m having to use the ‘Import From Project’ option when I want to use the automation I’ve created in each light show. But this means I have to import 9 VST tracks every time, copy 394 lanes of automation to the respective tracks in my new project & then delete the imported tracks. My live shows consist of about 30 songs, so as you can see, this is a ridiculously time consuming way to do things, when all I really need to do is export the track automation from each light show project I create to a file & then import that file when needed into my new live shows project. Once again, this will save users hours of wasted time. There are quite a few people complaining about this online at the moment.